eToro was founded in 2007 and is one of the top brokers in the 21st century offering low-cost trading of Forex, CFD Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, and other products. In addition, eToro also provides ETFs, which many other brokers do not offer. The account opening process offered by eToro is easy, and it takes only a few steps to set up a trading account.










eToro was founded in 2007 and is one of the top brokers in the 21st century offering low-cost trading of Forex, CFD Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, and other products. In addition, eToro also provides ETS, which many other brokers do not offer. The account opening process offered by eToro is easy, and it takes only a few steps to set up a trading account.

eToro is a unique broker and offers revolutionary social trading features. In reality, EToro is one of the pioneers in the social trading concept. Besides providing regular products like Forex and stocks, eToro offers its clients to mirror the moves of successful crypto investors, opening the doors for inexperienced crypto investors. eToro’s commission structure is easy to understand and well explained on its website, which helps traders know the trading cost before opening an account.

eToro operates via its several entities, all of which are regulated, offering peace of mind to the account holders. Its entities are regulated in Australia, Cyprus, and the UK. For its stocks, options, and ETF trading, eToro is also regulated in the US by SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), making it one of a few brokers with US regulations.

Founding Year Years 2007
Regulated Yes Yes
Rating Yes 5/5
Minimum Deposit dollars $10


eToro is a multi-regulated broker, which makes it safer to trade with. In fact, it’s one of the few brokers which is also regulated in the US by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission. It is also regulated in Australia by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (AIC).

In Europe, eToro is also regulated by two major regulators; Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and UK’s Financial Services Commission (FSC). These regulations raise the trust score of eToro and bring it to the top of the list of trusted brokers.

UK UK Financial Services Commission
USA USA Securities and Exchange Commission
Australia Australia Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
Cyprus Cyprus Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)


EToro offers multiple types of accounts to meet the needs of the traders. The following is the list of accounts offered by eToro.

  1. Standard Account
  2. Islamic Account
  3. Professional Account
  4. Corporate Account

Almost all the account offer the full range of eToro products. Using Standard and Islamic accounts, traders can trade a minimum of 1 micro lot using the eToro web-based or mobile platforms. The leverage ratio varies based on region and regulation. The minimum deposit requirement for a standard account is $10. Etoro Islamic account is especially ideal for Muslim traders who do not wish to get involved in interest-based transactions. However, the minimum deposit requirement for an Islamic account is higher, which is $100. The copy trading features are available for both Islamic and Standard accounts. The leverage ratio for these two accounts is low, it is 1:30.

The minimum deposit for the eToro professional account is $10, while its leverage ratio is up to 1:400. All products are available for professional account holders via mobile and web-based platforms. For corporate accounts, the minimum deposit is $10,000. The biggest advantage of the corporate account is that it offers the lowest possible spread with all the features, such as copy trading.


eToro offers trading via its web and mobile Proprietary trading Platforms and does not offer the Meta trading platform. The broker is known for its copy trading features, and it is reflected in its range of trading platforms. Its mobile, web, and desktop-based platforms provide excellent charting and research features that help traders grasp an idea about the markets quickly.

The platforms are known for copy trading features which is also the hallmark of eToro. One of its famous tools is CopyPortfolio which allows traders to copy successful traders for a nominal fee.

The platforms also offer cryptocurrency tools to copy the trades and get crypto trading ideas. The platforms also include in-built crypto e-wallets to store cryptocurrencies.

Proprietary Platform Yes Yes
MT4/MT5 (Windows/MAC) No No
Mobile Platform (Android/IOS) Yes Yes


Etoro offers leverage trading around the globe except to its US clients due to the regulations set by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

For all major currency pairs, such as EUR/USD, the leverage offered by eToro is 1:400. For minor currency pairs, the leverage ratio is up to 1:50. Leverage ratio on Gold is 1:100, while it’s the same for other commodities, and metals. For ETFs, CFD Stocks, and nonmajor indices, the leverage ratio is 1:10.

On individual stocks, the leverage ratio differs, and it can be between 1:5 to 1:50. eToro offers variable leverage for crypto trading, ranging from 1:5 to 1:00. However, the leverage amount can vary based on specific regions’ regulations.

FOREX 1:400


eToro is a multi-asset broker offering various products across different asset classes. To be precise, eToro offers nearly 5000 products to trade via its proprietary platforms. These 5,000 products are spread across different asset classes such as Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Commodities, Metals, and ETFs.

Etoro offers over 3,000 stocks from different markets around the globe. It includes stocks from various sectors as well as blue-chip companies. There is also a long list of indices such as US30, NASDAQ from the US, and UK100 from the UK markets.

Etoro offers nearly 45 currency pairs, including almost all the major and cross-currency pairs. The major currency pairs have the lowest spread, while the cross currency pairs have variable spread, which is also very competitive compared to several other brokers.

eToro offers 79 crypto coins via its proprietary trading platforms. It includes significant coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Uniswap, and so on.

eToro offers 22 ETFs on its platform. Currently, eToro offers only long positions on the ETFs, and shorting is not allowed.

Multi Assets Yes Yes
Forex Yes Yes
Crypto Yes Yes
CFD Stocks Yes Yes
CFD Indices Yes Yes
ETF Yes Yes


Spreads for XM are flexible.  Spreads range based on the type of account opened from 0.0 pips and up. A prominent pair like EUR/USD has an average spread of 0.1 pip.

The “no hidden fees or commission” principle is strictly enforced by XM. Commission is therefore only assessed on XM Zero accounts. All transfer fees are paid for by XM, and same-day withdrawals are ensured.

Additionally offered is fractional pip pricing, which enables customers to profit from even the slightest swings.

Forex 0.7 - 1.2
Commodities 0.3 - 2.5
Indices 1 - 2.0


eToro offers a speedy deposit and withdrawal process to its account holders. The broker accepts deposits and withdrawals in US dollars and supports card payments, e-wallets, crypto, and wire transfers. The deposits received via card, e-wallets, and crypto are immediately processed. However, Deposits received via wire transfer may take up to 5 days to process. Likewise, withdrawals made via wire transfer can take up to 5 days. For each wire transfer, eToro charges $5.

In e-wallets, Netteller, web money, and other major companies, including Paypal and Skrill, are accepted. E-wallet payments are instant and processed immediately. Etoro does not charge anything for e-wallet payments. However, your e-wallet may charge a fee. eToro also accepts crypto payments from several exchanges and does not charge a fee for crypto transfers.

Credit/Debit Card Yes Yes
Wire Transfer Yes Yes
E-Wallets Yes Yes
Crypto Yes Yes


eToro is one of the fastest-growing brokers in the world. Since its inception in 2007, it has achieved way more than its competitors. It has mainly happened with the introduction of the latest technology. Its copy-trading features are unique and offer traders many more options than any other platform or broker. In fact, eToro is a pioneer in the copy trading industry, and it has given ordinary traders the ability to stay profitable by copying successful traders.

The broker has its proprietary trading platform, a high-end application that offers advanced charting features, alerts, and education sections. However, it does not provide the industry standards Meta platform, which is certainly a downside. Regarding regulations, eToro is highly regulated, giving its account holders peace of mind about their investment security. It further secures the client’s funds by maintaining the segregated account.

The product range is versatile, and traders do not have to open multiple accounts to trade different asset classes. In fact, traders can trade ETFs, Forex, Stocks, Index and crypto from a single account.


Yes Pros No Cons
Multi Asset No Meta Platforms
Multi Regulated
Comprehensive Education
Low Minimum Deposit
Copy Trading
Huge List of Instruments
Low Spread
Proprietary Platform