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Welcome to our Free Forex Trading Course where you will learn Forex trading and gain valuable knowledge. The course is suitable for both beginners and new traders alike. You will learn the basics, such as what is Forex, and understand everything about Currency Pairs. You will also learn about the lot size in Forex trading, pips, spreads, leverage, and order types. We have included dedicated tutorials on technical and fundamental analysis. Toward the end of this free Forex course, you will also learn to build profitable Forex trading strategies. forex trading course


Free Forex Trading Course From Beginners to Advanced Levels

what is forex?

What is Forex?

Explore the world of Forex and understand the basics of the Foreign Exchange market.

Currency Pairs in Forex Trading

Currency pairs

Discover the significance of currency pairs and their impact on Forex trading.

Lot size in forex trading


Master the concept of lot size and its importance in Forex trading.



Learn about pips, the fundamental unit of price movement in Forex.

What is spread in forex trading?


Understand the spread and its role in determining trading costs.

What is Short Selling In Forex Trading - Free forex Course

What is short selling?

Unlock the potential of short selling in the dynamic Forex market.

What is Leverage in Forex Trading. Free Forex Course

leveraged trading

Harness the power of leverage to amplify your trading potential.

Order Types in Forex Trading. Free Forex Trading Course

order types in forex

Explore different order types and their significance in Forex trades.

What is support and resistance in forex trading. Free forex trading course

Support and Resistance

Master the key elements of technical analysis – support and resistance.

What is Technical Analysis in Forex Trading? Free Forex Education

Technical Analysis?

Delve into the world of technical analysis and its application in Forex.

What is Fundamental Analysis in Forex Trading. Forex Course

Fundamental Analysis

Discover how fundamental analysis influences Forex market decisions.

Fibonacci Retracement - Fibonacci Sequence in Forex Trading. Free Forex Course


Develop psychological resilience to make informed trading choices.

Types of Trends in Forex Trading -Forex course

Types of trends

Identify and interpret various trends to make strategic trading decisions.

Fibonacci Retracement - Forexwick - Free Forex Course

fibonacci retracement

Use Fibonacci retracement to predict price movements with precision.

Moving Average Indicator - Forexwick

Moving Average

Master the moving average indicator to analyze market trends effectively.

Pivot Points - Free Forex Course

Pivot Points

Utilize pivot points to identify potential support and resistance levels.

Bollinger Bands Indicator - Forexwick - Free Forex Course

Bollinger Bands

Learn how to use Bollinger Bands to gauge market volatility and trends.

RSI - Relative Strength Index - Free Forex course

Relative Strength Index

Use RSI to determine overbought and oversold conditions in Forex.

Day Trading Using ABC Price Patterns - Forexwick

Day Trading

Implement the ABC trading strategy for successful day trading.

Scalping Strategies - Forexwick - Free Forex Course

Scalping Strategies

Discover effective scalping techniques to capitalize on short-term market movements.

Volume Spread Analysis - Forexwick - Free Forex Course

Volume Spread Analysis

Utilize Wyckoff Volume Spread Analysis to interpret market dynamics.

Double RSI Strategy - Forexwick - Free Forex Course

Double RSI Strategy

Leverage the Double RSI strategy for profitable Forex trading.

Money Management in Forex Trading - Forexwick - Free Forex Course

Money Management

Learn essential money management techniques to safeguard your capital.