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Daily Forex Analysis – EUR/CHF – 27-June-2023

Daily Forex Analysis

EUR/CHF Daily Forex Analysis

The Intraday Outlook for EUR/CHF has taken a neutral turn based on recent developments. However, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of a further dip that could potentially retest the 0.9674 low. If a sustained break below this point is observed, it would revive the entire drop that began at 1.0099. On the flip side, surpassing the 0.9844 resistance could bring back the rebound that started at 0.9674, targeting the 0.9882 resistance next.

Turning to the broader Daily Forex Analysis, the medium-term outlook for EUR/CHF appears to be on the bearish side. This is primarily due to the pair’s inability to surpass the declining 55-week EMA, which currently stands at 0.9922. There’s a prevailing sentiment favoring the extension of the downtrend that originated at the 2018 high of 1.2008, possibly reaching 0.9411 at a later date. Nonetheless, if a decisive break above the 38.2% retracement of the move from 1.1153 to 0.9411 happens, it would significantly increase the chances of a bullish trend reversal.

EUR/CHF Daily Analysis Summary

In summary, our Daily Forex Analysis predicts a neutral intraday outlook for the EUR/CHF pair. Although the medium-term outlook appears bearish, significant movements beyond certain key levels could trigger changes in the market sentiment.

Key takeaways:

  • A further decline might retest the 0.9674 low, but a rebound could be initiated if the 0.9844 resistance is breached.
  • The prevailing medium-term outlook remains bearish with the potential extension of the downtrend.
  • A substantial break beyond the 38.2% retracement could signal a bullish trend reversal.


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