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The Resilience Around Key Resistances

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EUR/USD Analysis

The intraday bias in the EUR/USD pairing is currently in a state of neutrality, particularly for consolidations occurring below the 1.1142 temporary peak. There is an expectation of a further rally, contingent on the support level at 1.0933 maintaining its position. Should there be a break above 1.1142, it would signify a continuation of the upward movement from 1.0451, aiming to retest the 1.1278 high. It is anticipated that significant resistance will be encountered around 1.1278, likely capping the upside, at least in the initial trial. Conversely, a decline below 1.0933 support would suggest a short-term peak has been established, shifting the bias back to a downward trajectory towards the 1.0776 support level.

The price movements from 1.1278 are interpreted as a correction phase in the upward trend from 0.9538, the lowest point in 2022. The current rise from 1.0451 is viewed as the second phase of this trend. While additional upward movement remains a possibility, it is expected that any such rally would be restrained by the 1.1278 level, setting the stage for the third phase of the corrective pattern. However, a persistent break below the 1.0726 support level would suggest that this third phase has already commenced, potentially extending down to 1.0451 and lower.

Analysis Summary

The EUR/USD is exhibiting a neutral intraday bias with consolidation below 1.1142. A rally is anticipated as long as the 1.0933 support holds, potentially retesting the 1.1278 high. However, significant resistance at 1.1278 may limit gains. A decline below 1.0933 could lead to a shift towards the 1.0776 support, indicating a short-term peak.

Key Points

Neutral intraday bias in EUR/USD, with key resistance at 1.1142.
Potential rally to 1.1278, dependent on 1.0933 support.
A broader view suggests a corrective pattern with a possible cap at 1.1278.

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