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USD/CHF Presists in a Range Bound Scenario

usd/chf analysis

USD/CHF Analysis

USD/CHF persists in a range trading scenario with a neutral intraday bias. The likelihood of another descent persists, contingent on the sustainability of the minor resistance at 0.8773. A breach below 0.8669 would signal a resumption of the decline from the high of 0.9247, targeting the 161.8% projection of the range from 0.9247 to 0.8890 from 0.9115, converging at 0.8537, closely aligned with the prior low of 0.8555. Conversely, surpassing the minor resistance at 0.8773 could suggest a transient bottoming, pivoting the bias towards an upward trajectory for a robust recovery towards the support-turned-resistance level at 0.8890.

The price movements from 0.8555 are construed as integral to a corrective pattern within the descent from 1.0150. The decline from 0.9247 is currently perceived as the secondary phase. Although a deeper downturn towards the 0.8555 nadir is plausible, the existence of substantial support at this level is expected to catalyze a rebound. The prevailing scenario retains favorability as long as the support-turned-resistance at 0.8890 remains unbreached.

Analysis Summary

USD/CHF continues within a range, with the potential for another decline. A breach of 0.8773 signals downward momentum, while surpassing it hints at a short-term bottom, favoring an upward shift towards 0.8890.

Key Points

  1. Persistent range trading maintains a neutral intraday bias in USD/CHF.
  2. The risk of further decline looms if minor resistance at 0.8773 holds, targeting 0.8537.
  3. Surpassing 0.8773 could indicate short-term bottoming, steering bias towards recovery to 0.8890.

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