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Daily Forex Analysis – EUR/GBP – 14-June-2023

daily forex analysis

EUR/GBP Daily Forex Analysis

Today’s daily Forex analysis showcases a steady neutral intraday bias in the EUR/GBP pair, as the consolidation phase from a benchmark of 0.8542 continues to expand. The market outlook retains a bearish sentiment as long as the resistance holds steady at 0.8638. A shift beneath 0.8542 could potentially trigger a larger drop stemming from 0.8981, extending to the 161.8% projection from 0.8981 to 0.8721 taken from 0.8878, landing at a target of 0.8457.

However, a noteworthy point in this daily analysis is the bullish convergence visible in the 4-hour MACD. This, when aligned with a firm breakthrough of the 0.8638 resistance, would indicate a short-term bottoming. Such a scenario would flip the bias towards the upside, prompting a more vigorous rebound.

As we move to the broader view, the downtrend in progress from 0.9271 (the high of 2022) still holds the spotlight. This trend is perceived as a segment of the long-term range pattern that emerged from the 0.9504 high of 2020. The daily Forex analysis suggests that a deeper dip might be observed towards the 0.8205 low of 2022. However, a substantial support threshold is expected to emerge around this level, initiating a reversal.

EUR/GBP Daily Analysis Summary

The EUR/GBP Intraday analysis or intraday outlook maintains this reversal scenario as the preferred case as long as the 0.8721 resistance-turned-support manages to hold its ground. This comprehensive daily analysis, based on existing market conditions, provides an informative snapshot of the ongoing trends and potential shifts in the Forex market.

  • EUR/GBP shows a neutral intraday bias from 0.8542.
  • A break of 0.8638 resistance could shift to a stronger rebound.
  • A long-term downtrend to 0.8205 could trigger a reversal.

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